Kids Imagination | Unlock It With A Set Of Tegu Blocks!

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Our 4-year-old twin girls love their magnetic wooden blocks. Especially how the safely hidden magnets make building endeavors happen like magic. We love how they unlock their curiosity, creativity, and imagination.

The girls each received a set of Tegu blocks as a gift and have played with them daily. The magnetic blocks are an inventive redesigned set of wooden blocks. Therefore, their unique design is perfect for those seeking safe building sets that break the laws of gravity and encourage your child's joy of building.

What Makes Tegu Blocks Special?

We love our traditional wooden blocks, but these all-natural wood blocks are special. Firstly, they are responsibly sourced from the forests of Honduras. Secondly, coated with a safe, non-toxic, water-based lacquer finish. Thirdly, they contain no lead, plastic, or small parts.

Additionally, these heirloom-quality blocks were created to pass from generation to generation. Finally, they are compatible with all other Tegu sets due to their innovative design around a core 30mm cube.

The blocks come in a variety of sets, but our favorite is the Tegu Tints 24 Piece. Tegu's unique woodgrain blocks are tinted with five vibrant colors that enhance the grain rather than hide it. They are absolutely beautiful!

Imagination and Creativity

We love watching our girls use the power of imagination to build without limits. Fostered through play, imagination is an essential part of child development. Without imagination, children cannot problem-solve, overcome obstacles, or think outside the box.

Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.

Unlike regular blocks, the magical twist of Tegu wooden blocks allows the girls to engage in fun and creative ways. In addition to building a good imagination, we found that our girls are also learning the principles of magnetism.

Quality Family Time

Inspire your kids' imagination with open-ended toys that stimulate their creativity. We discovered that these blocks are an excellent way for our family to spend quality time together away from the screen. During this time, we encourage the girls to create scenes and tell stories about what they are building. My husband and I enjoy them as much and find it is hard to put them away because we all are having so much fun.

On-The-Go Building

We have also taken them on road trips. Ingenious for on-the-go building because they stick together, making them less likely to get lost. Compact, they are easy to take anywhere. Consequently, keeping our girls busy while engaging their hands and minds.


These fantastic blocks will ignite your kid's imagination. Furthermore, you and your family will enjoy the gravity-defying building. Bring home an enchanting box of Tegu magnetic blocks and watch the magic happen!

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