SMARTMAX Magnetic Discovery
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SMARTMAX Magnetic Discovery - Build XXL (70 Pc Set)

SMARTMAX Magnetic Discovery, building sets for kids, with their uniquely designed STEM building system, encourage your young scientist to explore the captivating world of magnetism.

Magnetic building toys with their safe, colorful, and high-quality design inspire your preschooler to experiment with magnetic attraction and repulsion. With their versatility, these magnetic construction toys are also great for older children to construct towers, bridges, and more complex 3D structures.

Children’s building toys with STEM building features can stimulate and encourage exploration, experimentation, and logical thinking.

  • 70pc set includes: 38 short magnetic bars, 12 long magnetic bars, 20 metallic magnetic balls (measure 1.75" diameter)
  • Includes sturdy storage container- both the lid and the bottom have a unique building grid to get your child started
  • SmartMax magnets are strong enough to carry up to 60 times their weight
  • The strength of the magnets is proportionate to the length of the rods. Longer is stronger.
  • Bars have a magnetic north and south pole. Unlike poles attract, like poles repel. All bars with a cool color (green, blue, purple, and white) can be connected to all bars with a warm color (red, orange, yellow, and pink). All other combinations repel.
  • Metallic balls connect to all bars regardless of color-more than 20 bars can be connected to one ball
  • Can be combined with all existing SMARTMAX sets
  • Suggested Age: 3+
Give your child an opportunity to make an impact with these magnetic toys for kids, designed to launch exploration and support STEM development.

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