stem toys for toddlers bundle
STEM Toys For Toddlers: Building Toys "Bundle"
STEM Toys For Toddlers: Building Toys "Bundle"
STEM Toys For Toddlers: Building Toys "Bundle"
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STEM Toys For Toddlers: Building Toys "Bundle"

This STEM Toys For Toddlers "Bundle" includes a collection of award-winning STEM building toys for 3-year-olds and older to increase your child's block center.

Providing the best building toys and an environment for open-ended block play allows your little builder to interact, make friends, and share ideas.

Our best toys for toddlers "bundle" inspires social and language development, fine motor coordination, and gross motor development.

The uniquely designed combination of magnetic building toys and wooden building blocks is ideal for introducing your child to block play and the joy of building.

The STEM Toys For Toddlers - Building Toys "Bundle" includes:

Magnetic Building Tiles - PowerClix® Solids

  • One (24 piece) set of colorful, award-winning PowerClix® Solids, magnetic tiles in 4 geometric shapes that integrate with all other PowerClix® System sets.
  • With their easy click 'n connect system and magnets that never repel, these magnetic toys encourage your child to think like an engineer and explore open-ended magnetic construction.
  • Although the shapes are seemingly simple, magnetic building toys are a fun and colorful way of exploring mass, volume, and solid geometry.
  • Children possess the magic to imagine, create, and build fantastic 2D and 3D structures with these magnetic building tiles.

Wooden Stacking Toys - Rainbow Blocks, Colored Sand

  • One (8 piece) set of wooden blocks, sized to standard unit block measurements including 4 rectangles and 4 half-moon shapes.
  • These wooden stacking toys are made from durable hardwood frames, inset translucent acrylic windows, and colorful sand, enhancing toddlers' traditional block activities.
  • Children can stack this wooden block set in various ways to form new shapes and colors while increasing their fine motor development.
  • With their no "right" way to build and play, our wooden toy blocks can stimulate your child's imagination and creativity.

Wooden Blocks for Toddlers - Rainbow Blocks, Jr

  • One (20 piece) set of wooden building blocks, sized one-third smaller than standard unit block measurements in assorted shapes.
  • Wooden blocks for toddlers are made from durable hardwood frames with smooth rounded corners and edges.
  • Inset with primary colored, transparent acrylic windows, wooden toy blocks create an adventure in light and color activities.
  • Encourage block play using these scaled-down and sturdy wooden blocks to support language development and social skills.

Grab these toys for toddlers and give your child an open-ended imaginative and creative play experience with this STEM Toys For Toddlers "Bundle."

Let your children enjoy time together while boosting their language and social skills.

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