kids wooden blocks bundle includes-wooden stacking toys-wooden square blocks-wooden stackers
wooden square blocks stacked
wooden stacking  toys package and stack of colored sand filled blocks
wooden stacking stones package-inspiration cards and wooden stackers sculptures
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Kids Wooden Blocks "Bundle": Gifts For Two-Year-Olds & Up

This holiday gift set is perfect for expanding your toddler's block center and block play. As a household favorite, wooden building blocks are an open-ended way to build. Furthermore, block play encourages your child's imagination and creativity.

Our kids' wooden blocks are made from durable hardwood, with smooth rounded corners and edges, making them the best gifts for 2-year-olds. Do you have more than one favorite toddler? Check off three gifts at a time or give all three sets to that one special two-year-old.

Included in the Kids Wooden Blocks - Holiday Gift Set:

Wooden Stacking Toys - Rainbow Blocks, Colored Sand

  • One (8 piece set) of wooden unit blocks, sized to standard unit block measurements including 4 rectangles and 4 half-moon shapes.
  • Their inset translucent acrylic windows and colorful sand enhance traditional block activities for toddlers.
  • This wooden block set forms new colors and shapes each time your child stacks and builds with them.

Wooden Square Blocks - Magnification Blocks

  • One (6 piece set) of wooden square blocks, sized 2" to 7", nest for on-the-go exploration and easy storage.
  • These wooden stacking blocks are inset with unbreakable lenticular windows for 2X magnification, making them safe for your toddler.
  • Our wooden blocks for kids can be stacked to intensify magnification and are ideal for introducing your toddler to science and nature.

Wooden Stackers - Wooden Stacking Stones (20 Pc Set)

  • 20 pc wooden block set of organically shaped wood stacking blocks in various sizes.
  • Natural wooden blocks may be used indoors or outdoors but stored indoors in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
  • Stackable wooden blocks support imaginative play, creativity, pattern recognition, and fine motor development.


Block play, and wooden building blocks support motor development, language development, and social skills development.

This holiday season, why not give your toddler the gift of open-ended creative and imaginative play with this Kids Wooden Blocks "Bundle."

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