magnetic construction toys-powerclix frames 48 pc set package with small build in front
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Magnetic Construction Toys - PowerClix® Frames (48 Pc Set)

Magnetic construction toys, PowerClix® Frames with their unique design, can encourage your little engineer.

Our magnetic tiles for kids are perfectly suited for experimenting with magnetism, structure, balance, and even gravity. Magnetic building toys give your child a chance to independently figure things out, helping them develop their problem-solving skills.

Unlike conventional blocks, magnetic shape blocks are designed to attract no matter how you line them up, creating a frustration-free building experience.

  • Available in 26 pc, 48 pc or 74 pc sets
  • 48 pc set includes: 48 colorful, translucent pieces in 8 unique shapes
  • Sets include a creativity guide to fuel inspiration
  • Designed to integrate with all other PowerClix® System sets
  • Winner of 2015 top toy Awards – Oppenheim Platinum and SNAP (Special Needs) Awards
  • Suggested Age: 4+
Inspire your budding engineer with a set of magnetic blocks for kids.

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