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Magnetic Tile Blocks - PowerClix® Solids Natural - (70 Pc set)

Our magnetic tile blocks, PowerClix® Solids Natural, integrate light, color exploration, and natural play elements with loose parts' theory.

With their nature-inspired colors, these magnetic blocks may be used in a sunny location or on a light table for a unique sensory experience. As part of the innovative STEM toy building platform, these magnetic building toys encourage open-ended construction, spatial thinking, and engineering.

STEM building toys, with their easy click ‘n connect system and magnets that never repel, inspire children to create beautiful 3D architectural creations. Using familiar shapes like magnetic squares and triangles, your child can build 2D patterns, forms, and structured models.

Additionally, these STEM toys for kids boost fine motor development.

  • 70 pc set includes: 70 neutral colored, solid translucent pieces in 6 unique shapes
  • Building sets include ten double-sided inspiration cards to fuel inspiration
  • Designed to integrate flawlessly with all other PowerClix® System sets
  • The storage box includes a built-in metal plate for easy organization or to use as a building base
  • Suggested Age: 3+

Encourage open-ended play experiences and empower your child's creative imagination with "loose parts" like the PowerClix® Solids Natural, magnetic building set.

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