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Rainbow Stacking Toy - Wooden Rainbow, Squares

This rainbow stacking toy is a great way to encourage and develop communication, language, and social skills.

Building with these rainbow stacking blocks helps support collaboration, sharing, and building relationships. The bright colors, smooth textures, and shapes of this wooden rainbow stacking toy will inspire creative building. Additionally, the rainbow nesting blocks can be incorporated into many color and block activities.

Our wooden toy blocks are open-ended, allowing your child to build anything they can imagine, like dollhouses, secret hideaways, or skyscrapers. With their no "right way" to play, wooden square blocks will open up a world of exploration and discovery.

  • Set includes: 7 nesting squares; 1 each in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple
  • Made from lightweight, durable beechwood with smooth rounded corners and edges
  • Safety compliant stain colors allow the beauty of the natural grain to show through
  • Pieces nest perfectly for easy storage
  • Size: 1.6"- 5.8"L x 1.6"D
  • Suggested Age: 1+

These rainbow wooden building blocks are versatile, well-loved, and perfect for group play. Add a set or two to your block play environment and watch the kids get social.

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