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Explorers.  Parents.  Grandparents to a Curious Bunch with a Passion for Play.  

Meet Joseph and Kimberli, Founders of Discovery Building Sets

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Our Story

We grew up in a time when childhood was all about play. A time to explore, make friends, and build…forts, castles, and towers; your imagination was the limit!

Since those days, we continue to enjoy exploring, playing, and building. First as young builders with our own wooden blocks. Then with our children and now our grandchildren. We have spent hours creating castles to be rescued from, forts to hide in and towers higher than you can imagine.

It was out of a love for this building, exploration, and play, that we launched Discovery Building Sets.


We Believe

We believe that childhood is short and needs to be cherished. All children need more time to play and the freedom to explore. Adults need playtime too! After all, a playful, childlike spirit is what keeps us young.

We believe in play that is fun, spontaneous, and imaginative. That it provides an opportunity to engage with the children in our lives. That it creates moments to laugh, love, and discover life's greatest experiences. Play creates time to develop a sense of community and a connection to our ever-changing world.

How Discovery Building Sets Can Help

  • We choose to enhance childhood experiences by focusing on the positive influence that building and block play can have on children.
  • We aspire to provide the tools to encourage an environment of open-ended play and social interaction.
  • Our quality building sets are simple, beautiful sets with no bells, whistles, or flashing lights. Without all the distractions, children are free to imagine, create, and build something extraordinary.
  • Our open-ended sets support high-value play that fosters curious discovery, self-expression, and experimentation.
  • Our diverse, building sets encourage time spent together — a time that inspires meaningful experiences; shapes lasting memories; and guides children's lives.

Our Building Sets Are Handpicked To Encourage The Following Qualities

Building Sets Qualities

Building sets can make a difference in a child's life. So, together let's encourage all children to imagine, explore, discover, and build.

With your help, we can enhance and support the unique wonder of childhood.


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