building blocks for toddlers in four colors
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Building Blocks for Toddlers - SiliShapes® Soft Bricks (24 pc set)

Our building blocks for toddlers are a safe, fun, and versatile way to introduce your toddler to block play while encouraging fine motor development.

Your toddler will love these soft building bricks as an ideal first construction set. Our blocks for toddlers are sized for your child to easily grasp and connect the pieces, building their confidence and fine motor control. Developing your toddler's fine motor skills takes practice, and these construction toys are an ideal way to improve those skills.

As toddlers engage in block play, they can practice stacking, sorting, and building structures. Furthermore, these interlocking building toys may be used in other block activities like identifying and matching shapes, colors, and patterns. This early STEM building set is perfect for group and individual play environments.

Building toys for toddlers are safe for both indoor and outdoor play. Use these blocks that snap together in the sandbox, water play, or on a light table. Their soft, flexible, and translucent colors make light and color-mixing activities captivating for your toddler.

24pc set includes soft bricks in four colors: blue, red, yellow, and green

  • 24 (2-stud) toy bricks
  • Great for indoor and outdoor play
  • Durable and flexible toy blocks are made from translucent silicone
  • Easy care soft blocks are hand washable with soapy water or run through the dishwasher
  • Construction pieces are 3" x 1.50" x 1".
  • Suggested Age: 18 months +

Embark on a creative journey with a set of large building blocks to strengthen creativity and fine motor development.

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