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Building Toys for Kids - Texo® (100 Pc Set)

Our building sets for kids, Texo® are ideal for individual or collaborative building projects that keep kids occupied.

The trial-and-error nature of engineering toys for kids and other kids construction toys allow your child to experiment with different building methods. The advantage of Texo®, engineering toys for girls and boys, is the unique, open-ended building system. The system supports gradual progression from simply stacking the interconnected shapes to building advanced architectural structures like houses, bridges, skyscrapers, and more!

Building toys for kids and how they challenge young minds are perfectly suited to fostering an environment that enhances and encourages problem-solving. These creative building toys will inspire imaginative construction, architectural understanding while boosting their fine motor development.

As you watch your child create with these wooden building toys, you could be watching your future architect working on their first superstructure design.

  • 100 pc set includes: Solid wood planks, plastic rods, and geometric connectors that fit together
  • Deluxe Activity Guide
  • Award-winning 3-dimensional design created by architect, author, and designer Lester Walker
  • Suggested Age: 3+

Give your child a set of STEM building toys and pair it with the best gift of all; time spent together.

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