kids construction toys-keva planks-200 piece set in box
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Kids Construction Toys - Keva® Planks (200 Pc Set)

Our kids' construction toys, KEVA­­® Planks, are ideal for inspiring open-ended STEM play and activities. Put one of these STEM building sets in your child's hands and let them experience the principles of geometry, engineering, and physics. 

Due to the precision-created planks, this kid's construction set stacks with outstanding balance and stability. Building towers that can reach the sky and balance beyond belief. Simply stack the wooden toy blocks to create free-form buildings, complex structures, and more! 

These wooden stacking blocks are the same shape and size as other KEVA­­® Planks, making them compatible with additional sets to build expansive and intricate designs. Additionally, the KEVA­­® Planks are sturdy, long-lasting, and encourage purposeful play. 

No connectors are required; just unpack and play for a fun family activity. Furthermore, these wooden stacking toys are easy to use and inspire your kid's imagination and creativity. The simplicity of KEVA­­® Planks allows unlimited possibilities for boys and girls of all ages. 

  • 200-piece set includes: 
    • 200 well-designed, precision-milled solid pine planks
    • A 24-page, full-color idea booklet for building inspiration, or create your own designs
  • Compatible with all the open-ended STEM building sets: KEVA­­® Planks 
  • Provides an introduction to basic geometry, engineering, and physics concepts
  • Suggested Age: 5+ 
Bring home a set of wooden construction toys, KEVA­­® Planks, and launch the exploration of architecture, design, and engineering.

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