magnetic building toys- colorful building samples
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Magnetic Building Toys - SMARTMAX Start Plus (30 Pc Set)

Magnetic building toys are designed to introduce your toddler to various distinct building and exploratory play concepts.

These building toys for toddlers with their safe, strong, and high-quality magnetic construction pieces support hand-eye coordination in young children. Often frustrated by their lack of fine motor skills, these construction toys for toddlers are designed to help young builders successfully build their creations.

Adding powerful magnets to standard construction sets, these magnetic toys for toddlers that hold the structure together allow children to create and build in unique and endless ways.

  • 30pc set includes: 12 short magnetic bars; 6 long magnetic bars; 4 curved bars; 8 metallic magnetic balls (measure 1.75" diameter)
  • SmartMax magnets are strong enough to carry up to 60 times their weight
  • The strength of the magnets is proportionate to the length of the rods. Longer is stronger.
  • Bars have a magnetic north and south pole. Cold color (green, blue, purple, and white) bars "attract" warm-colored bars (red, orange, yellow, and pink). However, like colored bars, "repel" each other.
  • Metallic balls connect to all bars regardless of color-more than 20 bars can be connected to one ball.
  • Can be combined with all existing SMARTMAX sets
  • Suggested Age: 1+
Our SMARTMAX magnetic toys with their colorful, oversized pieces will repeatedly capture your child's attention, making this a great building set to foster the joy of building.

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