tegu magnetic blocks-tegu blocks 42 piece-tegu tints
tegu magnetic blocks-tegu block 42 piece tints-church and car build
tegu magnetic blocks-tegu block 42 piece tints-house and car build
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Tegu Magnetic Blocks - Tegu Blocks 42 Piece, Tegu Tints

Tegu magnetic blocks are brilliantly reinvented wooden blocks that encourage your child’s imagination and creativity.

The Tegu Blocks 42 Piece - Tegu Tints is a large building set that allows for memorable and towering masterpieces. Also, the easy click on and off wheels will inspire many roving creations. Tegu magnetic blocks, designed to be one of the best building systems, are entirely compatible due to their innovative design around a core 30mm cube. The pure simplicity of these magnetic wooden blocks can be a welcome distraction from the screen. 

Tegu’s heirloom-quality building sets are coated with a safe, non-toxic, water-based lacquer finish. The magnetic wooden blocks, meant to be passed from generation to generation, contain no lead, plastic, or small parts.

  • Includes 42 blocks in 9 shapes: 4 tall columns, 4 medium columns, 6 mega planks, 6 long planks, 6 short planks, 6 cubes, 2 parallelograms, 4 short angles, and 4 wheels.
  • Fully compatible with ALL other Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks.
  • Naturally safe, non-toxic water-based finishes.
  • Magnets are safely embedded into each block.
  • Created with beautiful, sustainably sourced Central-American hardwood.
  • Premium heirloom-quality that will last for generations.
  • Designed in the USA, responsibly and purposefully made in Honduras.
  • Tegu Blocks come packaged in a beautifully designed box.
  • No lead, plastic, or small parts.
  • Easy care instructions
  • Suggested Age: 1+

Press pause, grab a box of Tegu blocks and stretch your imaginations together.

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