Wooden Blocks for Toddlers
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Wooden Blocks for Toddlers - Rainbow Blocks, Jr (20 Pc Set)

Wooden blocks for toddlers are an enjoyable way to develop your toddler’s language and social skills.

Providing a set of wooden building blocks and an environment for open-ended block play allows your little builder to interact, make friends, and share ideas. While toddler play blocks are often used individually, they usually are where all the kids gather.

Encouraging block play using these scaled-down and sturdy, wooden building blocks for toddlers can support the development of your child’s language and social skills.

  • Available in 20 pc or 40 pc sets
  • 20pc set includes: 20 assorted shapes
  • Durable hardwood frames inset with primary colored, transparent acrylic windows
  • Smooth rounded corners and edges
  • Sized one-third smaller than standard unit block measurements
  • Award-winning: Winner of Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award
  • Suggested Age: 2+

Grab a wooden building blocks set and let your toddlers enjoy time together while boosting their social skills.


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