brother and sister playing with building sets and blocks including natural wooden blocks and colorful magnetic blocks

Discovery Building Sets

“To give a child a mechanical toy is equivalent to playing for him” – Walter Wood –

Who Are We?

Explorers.  Parents.  Grandparents to a Curious Bunch with a Passion for Play. 

Welcome! We are Joseph and Kimberli, Co-founders of Discovery Building Sets.

We are here to help you enhance childhood experiences by focusing on building sets and block play’s positive influence on our children.

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Children Playing With Blocks

playing with blocks - young boy engaged in blocks play and stacking colorful wooden building blocks

All about block play, the stages of block play, block activities, and creating a block center.

Learning Through Play Activities

learning through play activities - young black son and mother playing with wooden building blocks

Explore playful learning activities and the importance of play in early childhood development.

Early Childhood Development

early childhood development - young Asian girl stacking magnetic blocks

Discover and learn all about the early childhood development of toddlers and preschoolers.

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