Best Gifts For 2 Year Olds

Are you wondering what are the best gifts for 2-year-olds? Well, we have you covered.

Listed are the bestselling magnetic blocks, Tegu toys, and wooden building blocks for your favorite 2-year-old. Our blocks for toddlers make the perfect screen-free gifts for imagining, exploring, and creating.

Wooden Building Blocks for Toddlers – Rainbow Blocks, Jr (40 Pc Set)

Discover endless possibilities with our versatile block play essential! These solid wood frames with vibrant acrylic windows foster imagination, social interaction, and creativity.

Ideal for playdates, these scaled-down blocks inspire endless fun, fostering building and friendship.

Elevate playtime with the joy of open-ended block play, fueling your child’s development. Add this wooden block set to their play area and watch the possibilities unfold!

Tegu Toys – Magnetic Wooden Blocks, Big Top Stacker

Introduce your child to the extraordinary world of Tegu blocks! Designed for ages 1 to 3, these magnetic wooden blocks foster exploration, playful discovery, and the thrill of building creations impossible with regular blocks.

The colorful pieces defy gravity with the power of magnets, offering endless possibilities for imaginative play.

Discover the magic of Tegu – simple, attractive, and ideal for sparking your child’s creativity!

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Wooden Toy Blocks – Guidecraft Unit Blocks (28 Pc Set)

For decades, wooden toy blocks have held a cherished place in homes. These open-ended toys, crafted from smooth-sanded, FSC-certified rubberwood, grow with your child, providing hours of creative play.

Sized to standard unit block measurements, this set offers a welcome break from excessive screen time.

Every child deserves a complete set of wooden unit blocks to build their own imaginary world.

Building Toys for Toddlers – Plus PlusĀ® BIG (400 Pc Set)

Plus-PlusĀ® BIG is a unique STEM building set for toddlers. With one colorful shape, these open-ended toys provide a complete STEM-building experience.

Toddlers can connect, take apart, and build imaginative designs with these durable, BPA-free blocks. Ideal for on-the-go play and compatible with any Plus-Plus BIG set.

Inspire your budding engineer to get building with Plus-PlusĀ® BIG, the engineering toys for toddlers!

Wooden Play Blocks – Mirror Blocks

Introduce STEM to your toddler with wooden play blocks featuring unique mirror windows.

These blocks provide a safe entry into science with smooth hardwood frames and unbreakable Mylar inset windows.

Kids can stack, build, and explore with these wooden unit blocks, making them an excellent addition to your child’s block play area.

Wooden Square Blocks – Magnification Blocks

Explore science and nature with our wooden square blocks featuring magnification windows for toddlers.

Compact and ideal for outdoor adventures, this wooden block set with nesting storage is safe with smooth hardwood frames and acrylic windows.

Grab a set for on-the-go exploration indoors or out!

Magnetic Shapes – GrippiesĀ® Shake, Build and Curve – (70 Pc Set)

Introduce your young builder to sensory exploration with GrippiesĀ® magnetic shapes. This STEM set features magnetic rods and balls, encouraging organic, curved, and acoustic building.

The magnetic blocks offer auditory, tactile, and magnetic exploration, aiding motor skills with soft-touch, easy-to-grasp pieces. Combining the best of GrippiesĀ®, this frustration-free set sparks creativity in toddlers.

Explore, play, and create with this magical magnetic building set designed for small hands. Bring home the fun today!

Magnetic Construction Set – GrippiesĀ® Stackers (24 Pc Set)

Inspire spatial and social-emotional play with award-winning, open-ended GrippiesĀ®, a toddler STEM toy.

Build communities with soft-touch interlocking magnetic blocks imprinted with facial expressions.

STEM building toy promotes motor development in a safe, frustration-free magnetic building experience. While their bright colors and textures boost matching, nesting, balancing, and stacking skills.

Engage your toddler in a world of discovery with a set of GrippiesĀ® magnetic shapes.

Magnetic Building Set – GrippiesĀ® Curves (30 Pc Set)

Explore organic construction with a GrippiesĀ® magnetic building set for toddlers. The large, colorful rods and balls are easy to grasp with soft-touch grips and secure magnetic ends, providing frustration-free building.

Inspired by nature, these STEM toys encourage magnetic play and tactile exploration. Imprinted with adorable character faces, these magnetic blocks for toddlers spark imaginative play and creative 3D building.

Today, grab a container of these unique STEM-building toys and elevate your toddler’s playtime!

Magnetic Rods and Balls – GrippiesĀ® Shakers (30 Pc Set)

Explore STEM with GrippiesĀ® magnetic toys that combine an award-winning toddler platform with sensory exploration. Connect the rods and balls for a soothing acoustic building experience featuring visible sensory beads in each rod.

With large, easy-to-grasp pieces and secure magnetic ends, these magnetic blocks enhance building and motor skills. The interactive toys provide a fun-filled sensory experience for your child.

Bring home a set of STEM toys for toddlers to inspire magnetic play and engineering exploration.