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Jumbo Blocks | Inspire Your Toddler To Build It BIG!

Toddlers love building BIG, and these jumbo blocks take building to new heights. Why not channel your inner explorer and together build the fort of your child’s dreams!

Have you ever noticed how your toddler loves it when they can build their towers higher than they can reach?

Have you seen them go to great lengths to get even taller by pulling up a chair or turning over a trash can so they could stand on it?

Want to inspire your child to BUILD IT EVEN BIGGER?

jumbo blocks-build it big-take building to new heights-little girl standing on a chair stacking giant red cardboard brick blocks
Channel their inner explorer and take building to new heights!

Bigger Building

One way to encourage bigger building is to trade in your small building blocks for some jumbo blocks. The bigger the blocks, the better, to fuel your child’s curiosity, imagination, and discovery. Giant building blocks are large enough to show quick building results. Consequently, this gives your toddler the confidence to build bigger and taller configurations.

Construction building blocks are robust and lightweight. Which makes them easy to lift, carry, and stack by your toddler. Also, the softer surfaces of these cardboard building blocks are a snap to handle for endless building. As they learn to stack, piling them higher and higher builds feelings of triumph.

With the size of the structures made possible with these blocks, your child can interact in a way unimaginable with classic blocks. When they build a tunnel with traditional blocks, only a toy car can go through. Yet, with these giant building blocks, your child becomes part of the design and can pass through the tunnel.

Bigger Imagination

Cardboard building blocks are durable and solidly constructed. Thus, making them ideal for building castles, forts, towers, or tunnels. What they can create is only limited by your kids’ imagination. As they arrange the blocks into a make-believe world to explore, it further builds that imagination.

It is no surprise that your youngster loves building big… the taller, the better. Despite that, it is even more fun to demolish the creation afterward. These large building blocks are sturdy enough for your toddler to stand or sit on. More importantly, they are soft enough not to cause injury when they come tumbling down.

Big building blocks that encourage your young builder are a perfect first step. With time for open-ended imaginative play, they inspire joyful, creative, and meaningful experiences. These unique cardboard building blocks can engage a child’s senses and spark their creativity. As a result, their unlimited options promote repeat play, ensuring your child won’t outgrow them too soon.

jumbo blocks - two preschoolers building a fort with the giant blocks wearing yellow hard hats
Jumbo Blocks – ImagiBRICKS™ Giant Construction Blocks

Want to re-experience the joy of childhood? Join your toddler as they recreate these jumbo blocks into endless adventures. What will you build next with your giant blocks?