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Magnetic building blocks are a dynamic and frustration-free way to engage your young builder. As a welcome addition to any block play area, the best magnetic blocks will unlock your child's power to explore, imagine, and create. Similarly, magnetic building toys encourage hands-on learning through play, including the exploration of STEM activities. 
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Are you looking for something to inspire unlimited creative building?

How about opportunities to engage with your children building stronger family bonds?

What about fostering your child's imagination?


Discovery Building Sets offers a collection of magnetic building blocks your child is sure to love. Presently, we feature Grippies®, Magicube™, PowerClix®, and SMARTMAX® Magnetic Discovery in a range of colors, shapes, and sizes. Subsequently, all our magnetic toys are safe, high-quality, durable, and long-lasting for years of family fun.

The Benefits of Magnetic Blocks

Why magnetic blocks, you ask? Most important, kids love them! Additionally, the benefits of magnetic building blocks are infinite. Comparatively, all the benefits of traditional block play can be found in magnetic building blocks. However, what makes them unique is the hidden magnets for secure construction, increasing the building possibilities for all ages.

Want to know more? At this time, you can explore an in-depth look at the benefits of block play along with the stages of block play.

Here are some of the benefits of magnetic blocks::

Imagination And Creativity:

Magnetic blocks for kids are unique and inspire creativity. The magnets magically stick together, so even young children can imagine and create the buildings of their dreams.

Open-ended Constructive Play: 

Also known as construction play, is creating and building with different types of materials. It involves a variety of methods, however most important is that children are connecting and interacting with their environment using materials to build something creatively. 

No Electronics - No Batteries - No Screens: 

Need we say more? It is so vital for kids to have time away from electronics. Magnetic building toys are fun and engaging so that kids look forward to the time away from the screen.

Quiet Independent Play: 

Magnetic blocks are captivating enough that kids can independently experience the joy of building. Meanwhile, creating a masterpiece of their dreams without interruptions. We all know how nice it is to have some alone time to do things our own way. Kids are no different. Also, magnetic blocks are easy to take on the road, making them perfect for quiet independent play.

Perfect For Group Play: 

In a group, magnetic blocks for kids are fun and collaborative, bringing a new dimension to their building. Furthermore, kids improve their social skills by learning to share and cooperate. They work together planning, designing, and building, each making an essential contribution to the project.

Quality Time With Your Child: 

Are you looking for some quality time with your child? Spending time together playing is essential. It helps children to feel more confident, secure, and builds stronger family bonds. Children whose parents talk, listen, and interact with them during play are more likely to have greater imaginations, and stronger friendships. By engaging with your child, you can inspire them to use their imagination, work together, and treasure the time.  Why not re-experience the joy of your childhood by building with your kids today!

Motor Skills And Coordination: 

Magnetic toy blocks are ideal for toddlers to exercise their fine and gross motor skills. While developing their building techniques, they move around using their large muscles. They also use smaller movements to connect the magnetic pieces, which strengthens eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Activities: 

Magnetic blocks foster STEM skills in an intriguing and fun way for kids. Why? Because magnets are fascinating, and children naturally love exploring how things work. Children are curious, so they ask a lot of questions during play, which enhances their discovery. Through magnetic play, they can experiment with math concepts like geometry, spatial reasoning, balance, scale, and symmetry. Additionally, magnetic toys for building offer an introduction to basic engineering and 3D construction.

Color Activities: 

Magnetic toys, with their colorful shapes, and textures are fantastic for color activities that reinforce matching, sorting, and patterning skills.

Problem-solving Skills: 

Your child's building progress takes practice, focus, and perseverance. Consequently, many challenges may arise that will require their problem-solving skills. For example, why does the structure keep falling over? However, their successful building, in turn, boosts their self-confidence and sense of accomplishment. 


Let your child play, explore, experiment, discover, and create.

Magnetic Toys for Toddlers

Are your play toys for toddlers too stimulating with lights, bells, and whistles? Researchers believe that too much stimulation can actually discourage a child's creativity. Explore our uniquely designed magnetic building toys that inspire your kid's imagination with no batteries. 

Each set of magnetic blocks for toddlers provides a variety of exploratory play concepts, including an introduction to STEM activities. STEM toys for toddlers, not only engage your child in magnetic play, but these magnetic toys for toddlers, also encourage the exploration of basic engineering, geometry, and 3D building. Connect the high-quality magnetic rods and balls with secure magnetic ends, and your child can be on their way to another triumphant build.


"Creativity is the secret sauce to science, technology, engineering, and math."  - Ainissa Ramirez -

Magnetic Tiles

Are you battling too much screen time? The simplicity of magnetic building tiles can be a welcome distraction from the screen. They encourage open-ended creative play, with their easy click and connect system, where the magnets never repel.

Magnetic building tiles are ideal for kids of all ages! In addition, magnetic tiles for kids provide a unique building experience that allows your child to use their imagination and creativity without limits. 


"You can't teach creativity; all you can do is let it blossom, and it blossoms in play." - Peter Gray, Ph.D. -

Magnetic Toys for Kids

Are your child's imagination and creativity at risk? There is nothing more important than the creativity of a child. You can foster their imagination and creativity through play and open-ended toys like magnetic tiles for kids. 

Open a set of magnetic blocks for kids and watch your child build a world beyond their imagination. With secure magnetic construction, magnetic toys inspire a dynamic way to create and play. As part of a safe and frustration-free building system, magnetic tiles, hold together to build and create beyond their wildest dreams.


"Creativity is intelligence having fun." - Albert Einstein -

Magnetic Wooden Blocks

Are you looking for a safe, quality building system with unlimited creativity? Imagine a box of magical wooden blocks that defy gravity and unlock your child's potential, all without instruction manuals or electronics.

Tegu magnetic blocks are the perfect safe building sets that encourage your child's creativity. They are open-ended magnetic wooden blocks that combine the beauty of all-natural wood with powerful hidden magnets. Unlike regular blocks, these magnetic wooden blocks encourage your child to open their minds to play, exploration, and discovery.


"You Can't Use Up Creativity. The More You Use, The More You Have."  - Maya Angelou -


We're confident that you'll find a set of magnetic blocks that are innovative, fun, and genuinely engaging. Whether your child is discovering the joy of building, or they have mastered many superstructures. These magnetic building blocks are a unique way to spend quality time together, building and playing.

Let's invite our children into a world of discovery with a set of magnetic blocks

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