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magnetic construction sets-grippies stackers with their colors, textures, and imprinted facial expressions
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Magnetic Construction Set - Grippies® Stackers (24 Pc Set)

This magnetic construction set, Grippies® Stackers with its stimulating cylinders and blocks, introduces 2D and 3D building concepts to your toddler.

The large pieces and tactile grips make these construction toys for toddlers soft to touch and easy for small hands to hold. With their open-ended features and secure magnetic construction, these building toys for toddlers are ideal for exploring basic engineering and geometry.

Your toddler can engage in social-emotional and dramatic play as they assemble communities with the interlocking, X-shaped, magnetic blocks and cylinders. Each cylinder is imprinted with dynamic math symbols to create facial expressions. Additionally, the cylinders may be flipped to develop more facial expressions and characters.

The magnetic shape toys with their four bright colors and textures encourage shape, texture, and color exploration. Boost tactile exploration, matching, nesting, balancing, and stacking skills with connecting toys for toddlers.

  • Available in 16 pc or 24 pc sets
  • 24-piece set includes:
    • 12 X-shaped, magnetic blocks
    • 12 cylinder blocks in assorted sizes, colors, and textures
  • Part of the award-winning, open-ended STEM toys for toddlers: Grippies®
  • High quality and uniquely designed, X-shaped blocks and cylinders
  • A safe, secure, and frustration-free magnetic building set
  • STEM building toys combine tactile exploration with magnetic play
  • Promotes fine and gross motor development
  • Imprinted character faces on cylinders encourage socio-emotional and dramatic play
  • Boosts matching, patterning, nesting, balancing, and stacking skills.
  • Suggested Age: 18 months+

Toddlers discover their world through play and exploration. Engage them in a world of discovery with a set of magnetic shapes, Grippies® Stackers.

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