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Best Building Sets for Toddlers | Expand Their Block Area

Explore our list of the best building sets for your toddler’s first block play and creativity adventures!

  • Looking for a special gift for your favorite two-year-old?
  • Want something fun and safe that sparks their imagination?
  • How about creating lasting memories together?

Your search ends here – explore our complete list below!

5 types of building sets for toddlers including tegu toys, magnetic blocks, smartmax magnetic, wooden building blocks and blocks for toddlers.
Building sets for toddlers that introduce the joy of building!

1. Wooden Building Blocks

Wooden building blocks are a beloved classic that expands with your toddler as they grow. Their beauty and simplicity will stand the test of time.

For that reason, a wooden block set made from smooth, durable, and safe hardwood will provide years of open-ended block play. Also, you can add a unique experience to your toddler’s block area by including blocks with color, mirrors, or magnification inset windows.

Wood Building Blocks – Guidecraft Unit Blocks

Kids Wooden Blocks – Wood Stackers, Wooden Balancing Stones

Wooden Blocks for Toddlers – Rainbow Blocks, Jr

Wooden Play Blocks – Mirror Blocks

Wooden Square Blocks – Magnification Blocks

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2. Magnetic Blocks

Magnetic building toys are a stimulating and magical way to spend quality time with your toddler. However, finding an age-appropriate set for your two-year-old can be challenging. Unlike traditional blocks, magnetic blocks are unique because they don’t have to line up and fit together.

Often frustrated by their lack of fine motor skills, these unique building toys are designed to help young builders be successful. Their high-quality magnetic construction pieces make STEM-based building sets safe and sure to be a hit with your toddler.

Magnetic Shapes – Grippies® Shake, Build and Curve – (70 Pc Set)

Magnetic Building Blocks – Magicube™ (24 Pc Set)

SMARTMAX Magnetic Discovery – Build XXL (70 Pc Set)

3. Magnetic Wooden Blocks

Magnetic wooden blocks are perfect for those seeking safe building sets. Tegu’s open-ended building sets encourage your toddler’s creativity. By combining the beauty of all-natural wood with powerful magnets, they allow your toddler to build and create in ways not possible with regular blocks.

Additionally, these magnetic wooden blocks are coated with a natural, safe, non-toxic, water-based lacquer finish and contain no lead, plastic, or small parts. Above all, the heirloom-quality building sets are meant to be passed from generation to generation.

Tegu Toys – Magnetic Wooden Blocks, Rainbow Stacker

Tegu 24 Piece – Tegu Blocks, Blues

Tegu Pocket Pouch – Magnetic Wooden Blocks, Sunset

4. Giant Building Blocks

Giant building blocks for toddlers are ideal for fun, unstructured, and creative play. Your child will enjoy the benefits of successful building with our jumbo blocks. While playing, they will strengthen their fine motor skills by picking them up.

As well as their gross motor skills while moving them around. Look at this post on 25+ Easy Gross Motor Activities for Preschoolers And Toddlers.

Our giant blocks are robust enough for your toddler to stand or sit on. What’s more, they are soft enough that they won’t cause injury when they knock them down. With their versatility, these open-ended blocks will fuel your toddler’s curiosity, discovery, and imagination.

Do you remember the thrill when you built your first fort or castle? Why not share the same joy with your special two-year-old?

Jumbo Building Blocks

5. Blocks for Toddlers

Blocks for toddlers are terrific for small hands to discover the wonder of building. These big building blocks will launch your toddler’s building endeavors with their oversized and easy-to-grasp pieces. Likewise, they will love stacking, building, and integrating them into their imaginative play.

In conclusion, these robust and durable blocks will provide years of creative play, the whole family can enjoy! Check out these 25+ Fun Fine Motor Activities For Preschoolers And Toddlers.

Big Building Blocks – MEGA BLOKS Fisher-Price (80 pc set with storage bag)

Building Blocks For Toddlers – MEGA BLOKS Fisher-Price (Deluxe 150 pc set with storage bag)

Building Toys for Toddlers – Plus Plus® BIG (400 Pc Set)

Expand your young builder‘s block area and creative building with one or more of these building sets for toddlers.