Wooden Stacking Blocks
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Wooden Stacking Blocks - Rainbow Blocks, Crystal Beads

These wooden stacking blocks are a fun-filled way to introduce your child to the exploration of color.

With their durable hardwood frames, inset translucent acrylic windows, and crystal beads, they provide an enriching and creative play experience. These wooden blocks for kids can create new colors and shapes each time your child stacks and builds with them.

The blocks are sized to standard unit block measurements making these wooden building toys a great addition to the traditional block family.

  • 8pc set includes: 4 rectangles; 4 half-moon shapes
  • Solid hardwood frames inset with translucent acrylic windows and colored beads
  • Smooth rounded corners and edges
  • Sized to standard unit block measurements
  • Suggested Age: 2+

Why not explore the magic of color with your child and a set of these wooden unit blocks?

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