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Giant Building Blocks Are Proudly Made In The USA

Giant building blocks are ideal for stimulating your child’s curiosity and creativity. Despite being made from 50% recycled cardboard, these jumbo blocks are lightweight and robust. Together with their easy-fold assembly, they create durable, giant blocks for years of creative play.

The blocks’ softer surfaces make them easy to grasp and maneuver for serious building projects. Due to their unique assembly, these large building blocks are sturdy enough for your child to sit or stand on. While also being light enough for easy lifting, carrying, and stacking high by your child.

This enduring classic will engage your child’s senses and spark their imaginations. With plenty of open-ended play and a little creativity, they encourage quality time with your child.

Giant Building Blocks-Timber Blocks-Made in America - Girl, wearing a hardhat, holding a measuring tape, with a US flag background.
Jumbo Building Blocks – ImagiBRICKS™ Giant Timber Blocks

The Joy of Building with Blocks

Do you remember that feeling of accomplishment the first time you built a fort or castle?

The thrill of pretending to be “King of the Wild Frontier” or “Queen of the Castle.”

You were only limited by your imagination. Well, it’s time to capture that joy of building with your child. Let them experience those same feelings as they create their next adventure!

Spending time with your child in a fun and engaging way can fuel their curiosity and creativity. By providing a block area free of distractions, children begin to explore and discover the blocks. Without interruptions, it gives them the freedom to imagine and create something extraordinary.

Each block play session brings new opportunities. Soon, your child begins to enjoy building with blocks for the pure sake of building. They create, knock down, and build again.

Sometimes the blocks come crashing down only so your child can try again. It might seem frustrating to you. Yet, watch the concentration and delight in their eyes as they balance each new creation.

That is the joy of building!

ImagiBRICKS™ Giant Building Blocks

Award-winning, ImagiBRICKS™ are available in various sizes, colors, and patterns to inspire your child.

All are printed with a multi-color, non-toxic ink, and smooth, water-resistant coating. Therefore, making these cardboard building blocks easy to wipe clean for years of creative play.

The Timber Building Blocks are printed with a “wood” like non-toxic ink and are ready to provide years of fun and creative building.

Construction Building Blocks with both the “wood” and “cinder” blocks are a significant first step to inspiring a creative, joyful, and meaningful experience.

Giant Cardboard Building Blocks are unit blocks that come in three colors and sizes. As a result, this makes them a great hands-on tool for introducing basic math concepts and skills.

Rainbow Blocks, with their four beautiful colors and unlimited stacking options, encourage repeat play. Therefore, ensuring your child won’t get bored or outgrow them.

The Cardboard Bricks are large enough to show quick stacking results. Consequently, it gives your toddler the confidence to build taller structures.

Giant Building Blocks -stack of timber building blocks
Jumbo Building Blocks – ImagiBRICKS™ Giant Timber Blocks

When was the last time you built a fort or castle? Don’t miss an opportunity to engage in some quality block play with your child. These giant cardboard blocks will inspire them to use their imagination. Most of all, your child will treasure the time spent together.